Sunday, September 7, 2014

BC0914: Describe the View

I have to say that the view from my apartment is nothing short of spectacular.

Each and every morning I'm greeted by the natural majestic beauty of Lion's Head. As it lazily peels the blanket of clouds around it, I marvel at its enormity and my proximity to it.

When I moved to Cape Town in 2011, I imagined walking to the top of Lion's Head. The walk uphill would be strenuous as I'd be carrying all my negative thoughts, stress, doubts and fears with me in my pockets.

Once at the top, I'd offload all these elements and feel a lot lighter...obviously making my descent much easier.

I needed something visual to rid myself of negativity. I chose to "leave" it all at the top of Lion's Head where vultures would be free to feast on that which I no longer had use for.

I consider myself totally blessed to wake up to such incredibly beautiful views.

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