Thursday, September 4, 2014

BC0914: What irritates me the most?

Learner autonomy is something we continuously strive towards. I tell students that teacher's merely teach them how to use the "cutlery" (skills) but you need to go out there and actually practise it!

On a regular basis, students sit in my office complaining. Their writing isn't improving. They can't speak to others fluently in English.

"I can't..."
"I cant..."
"I can't..."
"It's impossible," they tell me.

That's when I put a spin on things and tell them "Oh yes you can!"

...and my favourite:
"Impossible" = I am possible

Your writing isn't up to scratch?
Solution...[Take my advice] and READ! Do extra writing for me! Let me help you.

Your speaking isn't fluent enough?
Solution...[Take my advice] and please, speak only English at school and don't rely on a translator to be your brain.

What irritates me is when a student does not take responsibility for his/her own learning. It's always someone else's fault. Never their own. Owning up to ones own fault is a sign of maturity and when I see a lack of this, I become frustrated.

I see such great potential before me, yet he/she wants to sit back and be spoon fed.

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