Monday, January 10, 2011

Then & Now

Chatting to my cousin, Trusha, over lunch this afternoon made me think back to when I was her age (19 almost 20).

Sometimes it feels like I missed out on a chunk in my family's life. Being away at university for four years and three years living in Korea doesn't mean that I never ever spoke to them or knew what they were up to, but I missed out on chatting to cousins and knowing what they were really like.

Listening to Trusha talk about her tastes in books, her outlook on life and such things made me think: "She is me when I was her age!" which, of course led me to my next thought: "I've changed. A lot!"

Are there things I wish I knew back then to prepare me for life...up to where I am right now? Well, yes - there are days that I DO wish I had known certain things and to deal with days that are really crappy. On the other hand, I'm still alive, right? ...and I believe that what doesn't kill you certainly makes you stronger (even though we can't figure out why certain things are happening at a certain time).

Change is like growing's inevitable. 

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