Friday, January 7, 2011

Bomb Scare at Hemingways Mall

We were having lunch at Hemingways Mall this afternoon when a siren went off. I told my mum that it sounds like an evacuation siren.

Shortly after saying that, we saw people exiting.

It was a bomb scare! Some people went to the parking lot and left the mall while others were being gathered outside the entrance.

We heard that the mall got a call saying that a bomb was planted (apparently in Edgars - a clothing store) and that it would go off in 3 hours.

Store clerks, waiters & chefs were huddled together, some lying on the grass while we waited...

30 minutes later, we were told all was OK and that we could go back inside.

I wasn't really impressed because I was waiting for action: police, dogs, helicopters! But alas, nothing.

Pics to follow.

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