Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In a limbo

My friend, J says that I'm in a limbo. I think she's right. This also relates to my writing, and what I do need to get is my butt into gear.

Last week I visited a new friend that I've made, Dr Mitra at his home. I was feeling a bit uninspired with my writing and the words seemed to have been blocked. Real writer's block, if you ask me. It's been going on for a few weeks now, though. Dr Mitra is an artist and poet and I couldn't figure out how he finds the time to write, paint and still run a hospital.

He just smiles and says, "That's not a problem!"

So I thought, if a doctor can find the time to do this, surely I can too?!

We all draw inspiration from different people and situations, and last week when I told Dr Mitra that I was battling to write lately, he said to me, "You must write."

I must write.
I need to follow the doctor's orders!

My other inspiration came from another friend, Kojo who also balances a busy lifestyle...editing a magazine, attending social events, fulfills his responsibilities of a husband and father and still manages to run his blog.

So I think about why I've not been writing.

Is anyone reading what I have to say?
Is anyone out there?

I thought about what my writing goal for the new year should be, and I've decided to just: RELEASE THE WORDS and let them mingle and play the way they're meant to.  There are some days that I honestly battle to string sentences together, so from now - even if they're just words, I'm letting 'em out.

I've discovered E-mail > Blogger so actually, I have no excuse to write...anytime, anywhere. As long as the words are coming from my mind (and heart) to my blog!

It's been years since I've written poetry, and perhaps it's something else I'd like to get back into.

'nuff rambling, I need to get myself to sleep. I have to be up early to take my car to Hyundai for licensing.

Good night :)

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