Monday, November 15, 2010

Moonshine Graduation

On Saturday, November 13 2010, my Godmother's kindergarten (Moonshine) held their graduation ceremony in East London. Aunty Bonita (Bonz) asked me to be the Graduation Mistress so I had to walk the little graduates in, cap them and give them their certificates. I went to the rehearsal on Friday morning, but nothing prepared me for what I saw on Saturday evening. The little people were dressed up in graduation gowns and caps looking so adorable!

In my cap & gown, with Aunty Bonz & some of the graduates!
After the formalities of the graduation, the kids came back into the hall (in partners) and danced. Take a look!

I know Aunty Bonz for my entire life, and I've always known her to be someone with an extra big heart. However, on Saturday evening I saw her not as a Godmother or family friend, but as a Teacher / Mother to all the little children who were graduating from her school. My mum and I both agree that Aunty Bonz touched everyone's heart when she went to each and every child to kiss them goodbye. She pulled off the event with such perfection, and I've already told her that I think she's one in a gaziliion!

Check out this little guy doing a "Michael Jackson"!

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