Wednesday, October 13, 2010

InterSEXions - Do you know your lover's lovers?

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Last night, Tuesday October 13 2010 was the premiere of a new educational drama series on SABC 1. Titled Intersexions, viewers will understand how our lives are all somehow connected and that our paths cross in one way or another. This becomes even more complicated when when we become sexually active and our "network" extends to people we don't even know of.

The punchline of the series is "Do you know your lover's lovers?"

The opening scene of the first episode introduces us to a career-driven woman who, in her wedding dress, is on her phone closing a business deal. Moments before she is about to walk down the aisle, she receives a message on her answering machine. It's her ex-boyfriend who tells her that he is HIV positive. 

What should she do? Call the wedding off? Walk down the aisle anyway?

She does the latter. On their wedding night, she's cold and tells her husband that she's just tired. A few days later, he confronts her about not being intimate since their wedding night. She lies and tells him that she's pregnant.

As the saying goes, the truth will always come back to haunt you...and it does. Her husband soon finds that she and a well-known DJ (whose HIV status is known nation-wide) were lovers and he storms out the house in a rage. 

She tells the doctor that she isn't the kind of girl to sleep around and that she can count her sexual partners on one hand. She's told, "It's not about how many sexual partners you've had. Do you know who your lover's lovers were?"

Each episode will present different characters and situations, but the core theme will remain the same which is making viewers aware of the risks involved with contracting HIV.

Says Producer, Karima Effendi of Curious Pictures, "The onus is on each individual to take responsibility for their sexual choices. Intersexions does not judge; it simply tells stories that show how the risk of being infected with HIV is always waiting for an opportunity to take root. we can minimize infection by becoming more conscious of our sexual choices and our everyday decisions."

A central theme of the series is ourselves, our family, friends and most importantly, to our lovers. Our lives are intersected at various times in our life, and if we don't take the necessary precautions we may very well be faced with a life and death situation sooner than we ever hoped for.

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