Monday, October 18, 2010

Unpacking & Realizing: Less is More

When I decided not to renew my contract with my employer in South Korea, I knew that I had a mammoth task ahead of me. I had to pack up three years of my life which was crammed into a studio apartment. I started the process in June and sent quite a few boxes to South Africa so that it would reach here by the time I got here myself (August/September).

Well, some of the boxes have arrived. To be quite honest with you, I can probably list 10 items that I know are in there (and that I'm kind of missing). Otherwise, the other things...I can't remember what I've packed!

I know that there are a lot of my clothes (winter clothes are bulky), books, teaching materials and music CDs. But that's about it. For all I care, the other "knick knacks" could be tossed away and I wouldn't even miss it!

I planned to tackle the boxes this morning (Monday, October 18 2010) It's a beautiful sunny day in EL and I'm in the mood to LET GO of many things. So I opened the smallest box first and found manuals for my camera, a fancy umbrella and some teaching guides. I had no idea where to begin and what to unpack first. So what did I do? I came back inside to write this blog!

I've always maintained that before moving onto a new adventure, you need closure of your last one. By clearing out my boxes and kind of 'wrapping up' my life in Korea, only then can I look forward.

This also got me thinking - I have more than what I actually need. I won't say that it's all clutter, because at the time (in Korea) of course, I needed things like teaching guides, maps and such. I tried to have minimal things in my apartment, but when you're like me - who collects books and gadgets, they're bound to accumulate. I have manuals, cables and chargers for things I don't know I own. When I go shopping for ONE make-up item, I end up with a bag full of free goodies which I have no idea how to use. It's all unnecessary. I also got a lot of gifts from colleagues and my student's parents - some of which lie dormant and up as dead weight in my life.

So let me get back to it. I intend on giving a lot of things away. I don't need two or three of something when just one will suffice.  After all, less is more.

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