Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back in Korea

...with my dad

I left East London on Friday, September 5. My mum was going to travel with me to Jo'burg. We were delayed in EL for 3 hours.

It was a tearful goodbye, and was so touched with family & friends who came to the airport to see me off.

We arrived in Jo'burg that evening and stayed a night at the Inter-continental hotel.

Saturday morning, I said a tearful goodbye to my mum and headed for Dubai. We were delayed for an hour before taking off. 2 hours in Dubai, and I was headed for Korea.

I arrived in Korea on Sunday evening to a cold and empty apartment...


Anonymous said...

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Mosilager said...

Anyo haseyo... hope the apartment is filled with warmth and laughter by now... and dol sot bibim bop... and bulgogi... mmmm

Sheetal said...

*Ahn-yong!* Thanks for the message ^~ ... yeah, It's getting there slowly!