Sunday, September 28, 2008

Open / Demo Class

On Tuesday, September 23 I had my 3rd Open / Demo Class. English teachers (Korean & Foreign) came to observe my lesson.

I taught 6th grade the chapter, "I'm stronger than you".

I began the lesson with with a warmer where they had to formulate words using only the letters I wrote on the board.

Then I went through the regular Phonics, and had them do a reading exercise. After that, they completed a mix & match activity followed by a game.

After the lesson, my co teacher & I had to meet with the other teachers to discuss my lesson & teaching methods.

I was commended on teaching Phonics to the students, as this is not part of the regular curriculum. All in all, I think it went well. We had the lesson in the newly built English Zone, so in that sense... we had to quickly familiarize ourselves with the new classroom.

...just glad it's over. Now, 2 weeks till my next open class!


Anonymous said...

Your classroom looks so inviting!

Sheetal said...

yeah, i'm loving it... ~