Friday, September 1, 2006

Confusing my body

It's 1am and I'm having tea! A few hours ago I had Red Bull. I'm not a big fan of Red Bull, but I needed something to give me "wings". I have four essays due for next week and the hours are closing in on me slowly, but surely...

A few weeks ago, I was normal - I'd wake up in the morning and sleep at night. But because of the crazy hours we have been working, my body has gone into the mode of sleeping when the sun is out and I seem to be wide awake and willing to working when the moon is out. My body is completely sleeping and eating patterns have totally changed!

Crazy! I was never like this, and I hope this pattern breaks as soon as the work load subsides. Which, by the way - will be OVER next week this time. To say I cannot wait is an understatement! I can't wait to go mum's home food, go to the hairdresser and feel like a human again!

Having said that, my tea break is over and my essay awaits me...

P.S. Our 24 min documentary, "Searching for Existence" is complete!

I am still working on my individual documentary - due on Tuesday. I am pulling an all-nighter on Saturday/Sunday... I am going to need much more than Red Bull to give me wings! I'm still trying to find decent bedding music to go with my doccie...much harder than I thought!


Mosilager said...

I tried red bull once, made me sleep almost immediately, very strange effect. I had a friend who used to switch day and night in college too so it happens to a lot of people. Good luck for the essays.

Sheetal said...

hi mosilager ;)

funny stuff about the red bull putting you to sleep!

thanks..i need all the luck i can get to get through the next few days.

havn't chatted to you in a while.. hope you are well..?

Nat said...

sounds like things are getting crazy your end. hope they all work out, im sure they will, i know you are a hard worker and wont rest till its done.

when all calms down you will go back to being 'normal' and there will be no need for 'wings'. that stuff is dangerous hey - rather drink coffee, oh wait, just as bad for you! but whatever keeps you going i suppose!

Good luck

Maja said...

Oh ick, I hate Red Bull, don't you think it smells and looks like wee? I prefer coffee for "wings" :)

My sleeping pattern gets messed up really easily, but it usually happens during holidays - I go to sleep later and later and sleep till noon ... Not a good habit.

Good luck with all your assignments, I hope everything turns out great!

Sheetal said...

maja, to be honest..i can't even take the smell of RB. but i was willing to try anything last night :( i only got to bed at 5am! but i'm feeling pretty refreshed today...

i'm going to have to use the september holiday to fix my sleep pattern!

have a great week-end :)