Tuesday, September 5, 2006

I am still alive (and kicking)

Hello everyone! So Tuesday is over...which means, the week is progressing nicely. I'm going home on Saturday (shrills of joy).

I am so pleased that our 24minute group documentary is complete. I am very proud of our team for producing Searching for Existence.

Just briefly, the story is about Second Creek - a rubbish dump in East London which a community of people actually survive on. They literally eat off society's waste (we have footage of this) and they compete with pigs and dogs trying to get food. It was emotional filming these people. At times I felt guilty shoving a camera in their face. But had we not done that, the severity of the situation would not be taken seriously by viewers.

The dumpsite is being moved 60km out of the city, and part of our documentary deals with the (supposed) plans that local government have for this community.

Here are just a few pics of Second Creek for you to get a vague idea of the place I've been talking about.


Mich said...

I am so proud of VAMS with our documentary :) I feel that 'Searching for Existence' really speaks out about poverty and the situation in the Eastern Cape.

I hope that through our hard work, speaking to government officials, and maybe even being aired on national tv one day - that something can be done for these people.

It is such a beautiful and well-structured story. Every time I watch it - I get so emotional, as it comes with memories of the people at Second Creek and our trips as a crew :)

I loved working with every one in our group-we all put in our own special energies and talents to make it a success that I feel it is today. Congrats VAMS - you are all amazing :)

Sheetal said...

I know what you mean - I also feel emotional each time I watch it. By the way, for people reading this, VAMS is an acronym for our crew members' names:


Go VAMS :)

Anonymous said...

Guys i totally feel the same way. Everytime i watch our piece im taken aback by its level of professionalism and genuity. It feels great to have all our hard work pay out in the end and i must admit its been a pleasure. Well done guys!! :)