Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Secret Love, by Kamal

Two old friends get together for dinner after a long time apart.
One of them is secretly in love with the other one. 

by Kamal

"Hello, my friend."
"Hello, Kamal."
Hug, kiss and start talking.

She was talking with me and I was in another world.

I remembered the first day I met her.
I remembered my first heartbeat.
I remembered her scent.

Her face is the same with a little wrinkles to remind me about ten years ago.

After that she started to talk about her husband and children. She was happy with her family.
I was also happy for her.

That made me hesitate to tell her about my feeling.
I also tried to tell her about what I did in 10 years,
but I found that I just spent 10 years studying, working and researching. 

No love. 
No family.

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