Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Indians in South Africa, by Helson

by Helson Santos

The first Indians in South Africa came here with a contract [contract workers] for 3 years with very low salary. They came to work because the natives [in KZN] didn't do the same type of work. 

South Africa has the largest Indian population, and they don't speak their own language.

About fashion, they use sari and kurta pajamas. The origin of pajamas comes from India. Their clothes are very colourful, elegant and regal. About Indian jewelry, it's rich in gold and they use a lot of bangles.

Bindis (or the dot they use between the eyes)

They use because they believe this is the point or the place that has a high point of energy.

They believe it is the third eye

Some use it only as a fashion accessory

And others believe that is is protection against evil.

The red bindi means that the lady is married (single and ready to mingle)

About food, they eat with their hands, they believe that when you eat you need to experience your food, and the act of eating is an act of God. So they only eat with their right hand.

They don't eat cows, because cows give us milk and it's a sign of respect, because with this milk, they feed children. They don't eat pork because it's a dirty animal. 

About celebration

They have the festival of victory of good against evil.

The biggest industry of movies is in Bollywood. 

The "bible" is the Mahabarta.

And finally, the way they greet, I forget the meaning, but because it's so special, I prefer to say in the end.

Namaste - means, how are you? Full of love, If you are with God... 


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