Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Talent, by Ji-hyun

by Ji-hyun

This topic is one of the difficult things for me, because I have never thought that I have special talents. Of course, I like many kinds of things, such as poems or playing sports etc..

For that reason, I will write about my talent which my friends think I have.

Firstly, I am a good consumer. The meaning is that I have sense when I buy something. It was good quality and low cost of whatever I bought. Whenever they saw my new goods or clothes, they were surprised about that and always said to me, "It's are good at shopping!"

Secondly, I'm a good counselor. It is my ability to give others comfort. When they talked about their problems to me, they felt better and told  me, "You're a good listener." I have learned that a good counselor is a good listener.. 

A good listener understands them well. The answer is inside themselves and they know well. They just want to express their feelings.

Finally, I strongly believe that everyone has a special talent, even if they don't know it. Someone told me, "Nobody sees that, but if you can see that, it is a special talent for you." I think this way...and maybe, I have a lot of talents!

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