Tuesday, July 1, 2014

India (2) Days before Departure

I had a ton of things to do before our trip started. I would be away from work for 3 weeks so had to plan everything accordingly. I also had to squeeze in coffee / dinner dates with friends and had to say an early "farewell" to some of my students who would leave while I'd be away.

My final day at school, Thursday, we held a special certificate ceremony for just five of my special students - Mohamed Abogila, "Memo", Abdulaziz, "Azoo" and Qasem. When I left work that day, I was sent off with such warm wishes and love from everyone.

Special send off for my guys!
On my drive home, I dreaded one thing that awaited me: packing!

I've inherited a few traits from my mum when it comes to packing for travels, but if there's one thing I still can't get the hang of is what clothes to pack. Ahhh...the bane of my existence! My bag was already almost full with gifts I bought for family members we'd meet as well as a few friends I knew I'd see in Mumbai.

In the evening, my phone was inundated with messages and calls from family, friends and colleagues.

I arranged for a 05:00 pick up the following morning, so I set my alarm and drifted off to sleep...

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