Saturday, July 12, 2014

India (11) Goa - Panaji

Decided to spend the day in Panaji (or the English name, Panjim). We were sent such a nice driver called Imran - who honestly made my day with this dialogue:

Me: Imran, where is your rear view mirror?
Imran: Madam, some tourist people do naughty...bad bad things in back. It distracting me!

Imran took us to Bombay Bazaar - which on website is described as "a department store with a twist". Come to think of it, it reminds of Yong-san in Seoul, South Korea. The moment you walk in, vendors are vying for your attention.

I swear, Bombay Bazar in Panaji is like shopper's paradise. As you enter, you're welcomed by jewelry. Earrings, rings, bangles... my heart was racing with all the bling bling bling! Walk further and you are drawn into a world of endless sari's (they have a very cool way of draping a sari for potential buyers - they put an elastic around the waist which acts as the inner skirt where the sari pleats can be tucked in.) Ornaments galore! But that's not all..there are 2 or 3 floors up!

I can't even remember how long we spent there, but now when mum and I talk about it - we figure that we actually COULD have spent more time and bought more things there.

Oh and then...we needed some lunch so we stopped and had KFC. But this wasn't just ANY kind of KFC that we had. We had ... a " Paneer Wrap" which was too delicious for words. Wandering around the mall, I met a lovely caricaturist called Lawrence.

On our way back to the resort, Imran stopped at a few beaches and guess what?! Mum and I were lucky enough to see a teensy bit of a film song shoot Miramar Beach! Security was tight - as much as I tried squirming my way through ;)

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