Friday, December 3, 2010

White Gold: Off circuit in a week?

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White Gold is a film focused on the history of South Africa's sugar can industry and the migrant workers who left their native land (India) to seek a new life in South Africa. I first heard about the film on TV where various shows were commemorating the arrival of the first Indians in the 1800's.

Being a South African production, I was very keen to see it and was delighted to know that it was in my hometown (EL) starting from last week Friday. Due to other obligations and my mum not being well, we postponed seeing it and made a mental note to watch it next (this) week.

Today seemed like the perfect day, but when we checked the Ster Kinekor's movie listing in the paper, we were disappointed to know that it was already off circuit.

I needed to know why, so we made a call to Ster Kinekor - who told us that if a film doesn't do well within the first weekend, it's taken off circuit. Is this fair? I'm leaning towards no...

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