Wednesday, June 18, 2008

3 more sleeps till the BIG BANG concert!

My addiction to the Korean group, BIG BANG is no secret. I love love love them... I have ALL their music (hip-hop style) and own copies of their 2 concert DVD's. This past Saturday I was in a department store in Seoul and saw a brand that Big Bang endorses. The lady allowed me to take a pic of the posters, and then... she gave me 2 posters and autographed individual pics.

This coming Saturday, I'm going to the Big Bang concert in Seoul. They're on a tour promoting their new album, For the World... which is a collection of their songs re-sung in English! They are too good. I love their singing, music, dancing, style... it's too cool. I feel like a 13 year old again ^^ ....

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