Saturday, October 26, 2013

Malta: Seven hours in "Do Buy"

Thankfully, I sat next to two fairly pleasant gentleman on the flight from Cape Town to Dubai. We arriving in the UAE in the wee hours of the morning. I forgot to mention that I met a young lady called Geraldine at the boarding gate. She was from Holland and had been traveling for the past few weeks. We planned to have a drink and bite to eat together. We somehow lost each other in the midst of the crowd of passengers flocking all over at the airport - especially around the food court. Anyway - I ended up doing my own thing.

I was adamant that I needed to walk. And walk I did! It was in the final stretch of the transit that I was beginning to lose steam. I was in transit for seven hours. We were going to fly through Cypurs. Stop over to drop off and pick up new passengers for about an hour...

Then the final stretch. What I've been waiting for...

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