Monday, October 7, 2013

The "joys" of living solo

For me, today, living alone means:

Craving something warm & decadent for dinner, but settling for tea. Not even with a slice of toast - it would've taken too long to make(!!)

My TV hasn't been receiving any signal and frankly, I couldn't really be bothered!

...instead, I was in bed at precisely 19:20 with 3 issues of PSYCHOLOGIES Magazine. Pages of mental stimulation. Oooh the things that excite me! (Seriously?!)

The tea I just had has made me even hungrier, but there's no way I'm getting out of bed now. Unless there are those gorgeous red Lindt balls on my kitchen counter. I'm kidding, ok.

So here I lie in bed, wondering what my life would be like if I came home to a family. Without a doubt I know I'd prepare food for them, if need be. I actually get pleasure in making for others. But for myself? Pssshhttt!

Living alone has its perks, for sure. But I think the benefits of co-living are far better.

I'll also use this time to update my Gratitude Journal. While I have been saying my daily prayers of gratitude, I have neglected actually writing them down.

Best I get to it then...!
Good evening to you!

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