Thursday, April 16, 2015

We've all been here...

It's like someone
stands on my chest
with her high heels
poking through
my flesh and bones.

My throat closes up
and I can't breathe.

Tears well up,
but they don't fall.

If they do,
Everyone will know.

Everyone will know
that my smile is a facade.

Everyone will know
that my heart is shattered.

Everyone will know
my secret.

I should be happy.
I'm alive.
I have everything
I could possibly need.
I'm short of nothing.

But inside,
I'm dying
a slow, painful death.

It's like fire
raging through my veins.

Somebody make it stop.

I'm drowning.
The ocean floor is near.

Help me, please.
Help me.

I need to smile again.

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