Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Respect begets respect

Interesting discussion with a student about how I, as a teacher, am addressed.

Some students (aged 17 to 70+) ask what I prefer being called. Believe me, I have heard everything from "Teacher, Sheetal, Shatoola, Teacher Sheetal, Miss Sheetal, Mum, Aunty, My Sister, My Teacher...even Teach!"

(By the way, my heart melts with these terms of endearment)

My dear student went on to say that in his culture, it is unheard of to call the one who imparts knowledge by their first name.

I can relate & still call my own teachers by saying Mrs, Mr & even "Mevrou" ;)

Respect goes a VERY long way & I believe it is the root of everything in life. Respect for yourself, your parents, your teachers...and everyone around you.

For me, it's not so much about what I am called, but how I am treated.

"Respect begets respect."

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