Monday, October 31, 2011

QLC - It DOES exist!

Last week, while writing an email to a friend, I jokingly said, "Sometimes I think I'm going through a quarterlife crisis."

I'm not sure what made me read up on this a few days later, but it turns out that it's not as uncommon as I thought.

Could it be that I am, in fact, going through a quarterlife crisis? (QLC)

The very thought almost makes me shudder.

I came across an article that I read in The Guardian (UK) which stated that this "phenomenon" bears the hallmarks of a midlife crisis:

  • Insecurities.
  • Disappointments.
  • Loneliness and Depression. 

This shook me up a bit and the mere thought of the word "crisis" is enough to have my head spinning! Other articles state that those going through "QLC" also long for days gone by, like school or university where life was - dare I say? - simpler.

Reading this made me sit up, because I've recently been missing what life was like back in high school and university...and more recently, my life in Korea. My life has taken a complete U-turn in the past year and somehow, if it weren't for photographs of my time abroad, it all seems like a dream.

There are high expectations of 20-somethings these days, especially professionally.  For someone like me, who has sent my CV to literally hundreds of HR departments across the country, there is a sense of disappointment and failure with the very famous question, "What's wrong with me?" Finding a stable job - and putting my 4-year degree to use, has been incredibly challenging.

In a personal capacity, the majority of my friends are either:

1) Married
2) Engaged
3) Married with children
4) Have children
5) Have a boyfriend/girlfriend

I am obviously none of the above.  Having lived alone for three years in South Korea, I'm used to and enjoy my own company. In fact, I think nothing of going to the movies on a regular basis. Alone. Of course, I'm a sociable person and I would like someone to have a stimulating conversation with, someone to laugh with and someone to share special moments with.  I feel the bite of this when I'm in the company of a couple... especially those who finish each other's sentences!

In a way, it's comforting to know that there are more going through QLC and that I'm not alone in we often think we are. I'm sure there are many people who would brush it off and say that it's just another excuse young people are conjuring up, but it's real.

What is adulthood, exactly? Is it something we reach when we exit our "teens"? or is it actually a state of maturity. And then what is maturity? In all honesty, there are times I feel like a 16-year old and other days, I feel like I'm 30-something.

Anyways - I think that's enough rambling on from me for a Monday night.
Tomorrow is the first day of November. Let's make it rock and let's exit 2011 with a bang! Good night :)

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