Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Week...

I don't feel like I'm ready for Monday yet. As always, week-ends are far too short. On Friday, I was incredibly tired and allowed myself to have a bit of a sleep in yesterday (Saturday).  I had an extremely chilled day watching TV, reading and a wee bit of writing.

Today, I went to Canal Walk for a few things. Watched Ra.One which I enjoyed, but I when I stepped out the cinema, I was faced with hundreds of crazy month-end / Christmas shoppers.

It's 21:30 and I really want to stay up to write, but I need to be up at 04:30.  So what do I do?

Time Management! For the next month, I absolutely need to incorporate writing into my daily schedule. 300 words. Minimum. Daily.

Tomorrow is the start of a new week and also one where we say hello to November. The end of 2011 is in sight and I think I'm feeling a bit anxious about it, hence my uneasy feeling I've been having lately. Anyway, more on that tomorrow perhaps.

For now, I will publish this post, disconnect and head on over to slumber land.

Wish you all a wonderful week ahead :-)

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