Sunday, April 12, 2009

6th Grade Social

On Friday, March 13 2009 the 6th Grade Staff had the first social of the year. It was an awesome evening.... great food at a restaurant in Bucheon. The social lasted for nearly... 11 hours!!!!!


In some Korean restaurants, you cook your meat at the table
(Remember I don't eat meat!)

The seating was kinda cool... I've gotten used to sitting on the floor

An-suk, Eun-mi & Joo-hye

Hye-won & Hyeon-jeong

With the 2 head teachers
Jeong-mo & Hung-joo

Then we went to a bar called Asimo

Eun-mi, No-su, Jeong-mo, me & Hung-Joo

Green tea cake

...and then to another bar
with Yong-un & No-su

...and to another bar (final round) @ 3:30am

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