Monday, December 1, 2008

Climbing Sorae Mountain (소래산)

On Saturday, November 29 2008 I went mountain climbing. Yes people ~ you read right... Sheetal Makhan put on the hiking shoes and headed to Sorae Mountain. Thousands of Koreans flock to the mountains every week-end. It's great exercise and a chance for them to get in touch with nature. I've been invited a couple of times, and I usually reply saying - "Thanks, but do I really look like I do that?!"

Anyone and everyone who knows me will vouch that I'd rather spend my Saturday afternoon strolling through the bustling streets of Seoul - not hiking up a mountain. But yes, I did it! And I was quite proud of myself, too! Granted, it wasn't all that steep ~ but then again I went verrry slowly. Coming down wasn't too bad - although my calves and thighs were in absolute pain the following day! It took us over an hour to get to the top, and about 45 minutes back down.

You can walk over these pebbles before / after the hike ~ like therapy

You can also do some stretches on the gym equipment

With my Korean father (Papa), good ol' Mr Lee

...with Beul-Nim
(Me: How much longer till we get to the top?)

Woohoo! I made it!

How on earth was I gonna get down this?

Thanks to Mr Lee ~ "Miss Makhan, Catch my hand"
(Translation: Hold my hand)

View of my city, Siheung

Oh boy, this hurt!

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