Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jo'burg Part 4 (Sunday, July 29)

It was my birthday on Sunday, and lucky me - I got to spend it in Jo'burg & East London :)

Mum & I had lunch with family in Benoni, and Kamlamami surprised me with a birthday cake and candles that I had to blow out - don't know when last I did that :) After lunch, we headed for the airport.

Our flight was at 15:20 and to say the airport was chaotic is a serious understatment! ....and of course, our flight was delayed by 20 minutes, but once we took off into the sunset, mum and I were very happy to be back home.

View of the city from our hotel room @ 06:30

Dilipkaka, me & Baboomama

Delicious lunch with the family

My surprise birthday cake with candles!

Thakormama, me & Kamlamami

Neelesh & me

Time to go home!


Maja said...

Hi Sheetal! It's been a little while huh :) Hope you're well. I've just been catching up with your blog and enjoying all the pictures, I loved the Gandhi My Father report and especially all the pictures from Johannesburg. A friend of mine is currently travelling round SA and she's sending back such beautiful pics too that I'm quite jealous of her!

Sheetal said...


hi!!! it's sooo nice to hear from u... thanks for vising! i think it's high time you come and visit south africa, don't u think?!


Maja said...

I'd love to, Sheetal! Financial circumstances are limiting me to Europe for now, but there are so many beautiful places all over the world that I'd like to visit ... Hopefully some day I'll make it :) For now, I can at least look at all the lovely pictures and imagine what it must be like there!

Anonymous said...

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