Sunday, August 1, 2021

I had a wonderful birthday last week!

I had a wonderful birthday last week! ❤️

Thank you to everyone who took the time to wish me. I received some beautiful messages which I really appreciated. 🙏🏼

My parents have always made a huge deal when it comes to our birthdays - with countdowns, cakes and all the extras! 🥳🌈✨ (They even went out for cake & coffee in my absence!) ☕️🍰

This year I wanted to do something I wouldn’t usually do. Like…walking across a “hanging bridge”! 😬 It was a bit “eeek” but at least I have the pic to say: been there, done that. 😃

Despite all the heartache this year has brought, my day was a HAPPY one! 🥰

Lots of love to you all. 🤗😘

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