Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chirping birds on a rainy morning

I don't know if it's because I live in a corner unit, but my balcony has recently become a pitstop for my feathered friends. They congregate on my balcony and if I approach the door, they fly away...leaving lovely little presents for me to clean up (unless the rain washes it away).

They really only stay for a few seconds, but sometimes I'm afraid they will fly into my room. Last year I had a pigeon fly through my lounge, sit on my fridge looking confused and then just leave!

I've been awake since early this morning & noticed the birds singing from 05:00 already. 🐤🎶

Anyway...this little guy has been sitting here for a good few minutes. Chatting away or calling its friends for company / shelter from the rain on my balcony railing.

I decided not to shoo it away. After all what's a little present that I can sweep or mop away?! As I look around, I'm surrounded by rooftops and tall apartment buildings. These little creatures bring nature alive into our concrete villages. Their little chirps are quite welcoming over the traffic and hooting. Good morning, friends! 🐦

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