Sunday, May 3, 2015

Thanking my angels...

Good morning, friends
Please consider this as a serious PSA.

I felt blessed & honoured to have my mum & great aunt with me in Cape Town this weekend. I wanted to pamper & do as much as I could with them. But as we know, higher powers tend to overrun our plans.

Yesterday I experienced my first car accident.
My mum, aunty & I are all FINE...الحمد لله

Needless to say it was terrifying.

I was going uphill on Kloofnek Road when a driver coming downhill lost control & hit my car. Mum & I saw it happening before our a movie in slow motion. The impact was hard and we are just a bit bruised and sore, but ok.

I am trying not to think of all the "could, would, should haves" but rather focus on the most important - Our lives that were saved.

I am sharing this story for others to please practice safety & precaution on the road at ALL times. My parents have always said that we need to think for other drivers. Be aware of all vehicles around you and take note of how they are driving. Maintain a safe driving distance & keep to the speed limit. Wearing a seat belt goes without saying.

Such things are sometimes unavoidable, but we are giving many THANKS to be safe. THANK YOU to ALL my angels ♡

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