Monday, December 8, 2014

Creative Sparks reunite!

This was the image presented to my Creative Sparks.
Scroll down to see what they wrote. Enjoy :)

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Trust no one
by Mohamed Algantri (Abogila)

Trust is difficult and also not impossible.
How some people look like angels, but they are evil.
...which means...
"Don't judge people from their appearance."

People are different.
White and black.
Fire and water.
Light and darkness.
Love and hate.
Live and die.

Actually, it's life.
It's like a game.
You should...
Think before your speak.
Listen before you read.
Respond before you show.
This is life, I said.

As far as I'm concerned, people are like time. Moody, fast, organized and perfect.

Time is the killer. If we don't manage our time, time will kill us
Moreover, people don't think of each other very easily, because they are cautious. Perhaps you trust and be hurt and painful.

So always use our mind before our heart - even when it's difficult, we should be like the storm - destroying everything. Yes, be strong but don't forget to forget and to love. We use fire to get adn we use water to have. So we should know how to deal.

Don't trust easily, because you will be upset and moved.

Simply, it's life.


by Marwan Alkilani

This picture means that not everybody has a good appearance and carries a soul inside him or her.

On the other hand, maybe it carries another meaning. To see gentle, soft and beautiful lady does not mean that she is weak, but she may hide a powerful personality like a dragon.

At the end, my opinion: The beauty of a lady is in her shyness, weakness and quietness.


by Hesham Baraka

I would like to speak about girls, because some boys think girls are very weak. I think girls are more sensitive than boys. However, they can do things that can't . First of all, look at your mother. I think she is also a woman and she did a lot of things for you and they ability to break a man's heart.

So I wanna say: behind every great man is a great woman.


by Otman Eltalis

In this picture, there is a beautiful girl with a marvelous body, but I don't understand why she took a picture next to a dragon. I hoped her picture would be with an angel. That is better than now, but I am fortunate because I wrote about her. I can't describe her, really. If I have power, I will put her into a glass box. Then I will put it in the museum until all people see her.

I understand one thing from her. She is dangerous and crafty with men.
She also has two hands.
One for good people.
The other for bad people.


by Sheetal Makhan

We all have it in us.
A monster of some sort.
In the depth of our soul.

It lurks in our hearts, only to be revealed in the moment when the sun shines.

They say your reputation will follow you like a bad smell. Your shadow can never run away from you. It will mimic your every move.

...but the secret is:
It only comes out when there is no one else around and there's a bright light shining on you. The demon comes out when no one else is around. Just you. Against a white wall.

No one else around.
Who are you? Really?

The truth is...
no one knows you.
Except you!

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