Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Flower and the Water's Love Story

Last week a dear friend shared this Turkish folk story with me. It brought tears to my eyes, because it summed up exactly what I seemed to be going through at that moment. I was eventually able to locate it online. Enjoy!

Once upon a time, a flower met water and they became friends. After their friendship had continued for some time, the flower fell in love with the water, but she didn't reveal her feelings to the water. She waited thirstily, patiently. Actually, the water had changed, too. He felt different.

His heart beat excitedly, but he couldn't figure out exactly what this change inside him meant. Now, there was a wise man who stopped by every once in a while. As soon as the water saw the wise man, he told him about the inner turmoil he was experiencing and asked what the cause was. The wiseman smiled at him and said, "YOU'RE IN LOVE."

The water was surprised at first, but he immediately recognized who he was in love with and flowed to the flower.

"I LOVE YOU!" he confessed to the flower.

The flower had long been waiting to hear these words from the one she loved. Deliriously happy, she began from that day onto waft a stronger perfume and shine with more lively color. The inexperienced water didn't know how to deal with the feelings of passion in his heart, and so, didn't do anything else to demonstrate his love, other than say, "I LOVE YOU!" to the flower each day.

Time passed, and the flower fell ill. The water stayed by his beloved's side and told her constantly how much he loved her. But, as each day passed, the flower withered more and her leaves turned even more yellow. The water was despondent; he didn't know what to do. The flower was fading day by day; she was dying. Desperate, the water flowed to the wise man and cried, "MY BELOVED IS VERY ILL. HELP US!"

When the wise man saw the flower, he understood immediately that she was about to die, and he said, "I CAN'T HELP YOU ANYMORE."

The water asked, "BUT, WHY NOT?" I LOVE HER SO MUCH.... WHY NOT?" he cried.


And the water understood that merely saying, "I LOVE YOU!" was not enough. He learned that in order for his beloved and,in fact, for all love, to survive, it was necessary to show his love, to prove his love, and to spend effort on love. But, unfortunately, his flower had passed away.

In a nutshell, "Actions speak louder than words..."

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