Monday, March 19, 2012

Incident in class today...

During my Intermediate class this morning, a student asked to leave the class. I assumed it was for a visit to the bathroom. I became suspicious when he didn't return after 5minutes.

While I was helping some students at the back of the classroom, I glanced out of the window across the street (we were on the 3rd floor) and I saw my student!..walking out of a coffee shop and sitting at one of their tables.

I was near livid!

Thing is, when I had a word with him later, he merely said he was hungry and couldn't understand what the problem was.

MY problem is that if one student starts doing that, what respect and authority does it reflect on me... and what stops others from just quitting class halfway and going out for a cup of coffee or a sandwich?

Working with a classroom of adults where some of them are older than I am can make classroom management a bit of a sticky situation at times.

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