Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for:

  • health
  • have two healthy parents and brother
  • have food to eat everyday
  • have clean clothes to wear everyday
  • have running water to take showers everyday
  • ...having a clean and warm bed to sleep in every night
  • ...landing a temp job
  • ....friends I chat to on a regular basis - Chetan, Lanese, Colleta, Yogita
  • boss at work for giving me the opportunity to work for the past two months
  • colleague at work, for making the days lighter :)
  • ...the security guards at work for being so friendly everyday.
  • ...the security guards at my apartment for ensuring that we're safe - especially the night staff.
What are you thankful for today/this week?

A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all other virtues. -Cicero


Jane said...

I'm in bed with a dose of the flu at the moment, so I've been making the most of this 'leisure' time by browsing the net and catching up on some of my favourite blogs. One blog that I particularly enjoy is written by a pregnant mum about the trials and tribulations of raising her young family while waiting on her baby to arrive. Instead of making me smile, I was shocked and deeply saddened when I logged on this morning to read that she'd miscarried and lost her 23 week old little girl. So, in answer to your question; I'm just SO thankful for my wonderful, healthy family and, well, everything I have round about me. This dose of the lurgy has suddenly paled into insignificance...

Sheetal said...

Hi Jane,
Firstly, sorry for replying this so late.

Secondly, THANK YOU for reading my blog & for leaving your comment. I'm sorry to hear about the lady whose blog you were referring to. Sometimes, it takes someone else's trials and tribulations to make us realize all that we have.

Hope you're doing well & recovered from your flu :)