Thursday, November 27, 2008

My first attempt at making Korean food ~

I'm pretty proud of myself... I made 콩비지떡 (Kong Bi-ji Tteok) It's a savory Korean snack/side dish. It's made with soy bean curd, but looks like a potato patty. I added spring onions and some green chillies. I took it to school for my co-workers to taste. I was so happy ~ they said it was tasty and good ^^ The senior teacher told me, "Make more!"


Anonymous said...

wow now i am so looks deleeeeeeecious

love u daddy

Sheetal said...

hehe thanks, daddy xoxox *^^*

Anonymous said...

just like your mom taught you hey. it looks delicious

love you mom

Sheetal said...

yes, mummy :)

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