Monday, June 25, 2007

More pics from Cape Town

Aunty Bonnz & me
Wine Estate
Wine Estate

With relatives

With friends @ Cubana

With my students @ Greenpoint Market

Me & Meddi

Eunsuk 1, me, Kim & Eunsuk 2

Waterfront @ night

With friends @ Cubana

With friends @ Cool Runnings

Abe's dad & me

Abe's dad, me & Abe

Friends @ Cubana


babasko said...

hi sheetal. looong time no speak :D
great pics. looks like you´re having a ball. how do you do your killer smile?

oh and btw. you´ve been tagged...

Mayank said...

sheeeeetssss. where are you????

anyways, i tried to call u today, but unfortunately u were not at home. will try again later. lets talk...i wanna hear your voice. lolz! ;)

Sheetal said...

hi!! yes, it's been too long. i'm going to go blog crawling now...
thank u for the awesome compliment :*

where is the tag?

hiiii ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeeeaaah! Put your hands up for.... you know what :)

// Meddi