Saturday, November 11, 2006

One week to go

Today is the last Saturday I'll be spending in Grahamstown as a university student. The past week has been one of reflection and sadness...especially having to say goodbye to friends, who I may or may not see at our graduation next year in April.

On Wednesday, my friend Sean and I decided visit all the places in Grahamstown that we havn't been to in our four years here. Other places, we decided to visit for the last time as students... We had such a fantastic and fun day. We laughed like little kids and definitely made it a day to remember. Here are some pics on from our 'field trip'!

I've added the rest of the pics to my flickr page.

Botanical Gardens

Old Goal
Once a jail, this place is now used as a backpackers accommodation.
This jail cell would hold 8 prisoners

Albany Museum

South African Library for the Blind

Brail typewriter

Observatory Museum
At the top of the building is a camera obscura, where there's a mirror at the top of the building that reflects a 360 degree view of the town which you can see from inside.

The museum is a replica of a house that would have existed in the 1820's

Sean and me


Anonymous said...

I, I have nothing in particular to say but you asked for newbies to leave a comment so here it is :)

It seems a bit creepy to sleep over a jail cell *shudder* Untold mysery and all that nostalgia ;)

Sheetal said...

Hi :) Yeah...I know - it felt really eerie being in that cell :$

Thanks for stopping by :>

Strider said...

That little cell held eight inmates!! :O:O

Sheetal said...

That was exactly my reaction when I was told that :$

Sheetal said...

Hi :> We definitely made memories that day! We really had loads and loads of fun!!! I also can't believe we've finished - a lot of feelings all rolled into one, right?! Good luck with all the packing...I'm yet to start ;) x

Mosilager said...

hey, nice pics :) i love museums.

Sheetal said...

hi :) thanks... i also love museums - and i have realized that very few people actually do!

how have you been?

Deepak Gopi said...

thank you for the greetings.
thank you for sharing those pics.
I especially liked the last pic.
really funny.:)

Sheetal said...

deepak gopi
hi :) thanks for stopping by! glad you liked the pics ;>

Mosilager said...

busy with the thesis... I think my comments are working ok now because somebody commented today morning. btw are you on orkut?

Sheetal said...

Hi :) what is orkut?

Mosilager said...

one of those social networking sites... a lot of my zambian cronies are on it... will send you an invite

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheetal!
You had really fantastic and fun memories day! Thanks for sharing and pics.
Best to you!

Sheetal said...

Hi :) Yep, it was loads of fun!
Hope you're well...

sanjay jha said...

nameste sheetal
i love such tours especially to a museums...
whenever i go to a new town i make a point to visit the museum without fail...
loved the pictures,especially the one of the brail typewriter and the last pic of you and sean...
happy blogging

Maja said...

There's a youth hostel in my home town that's also been converted from an old jail, it's really funky and very popular! You can see some pictures here.

I'm also slowly approaching the end of my studies ... I prefer not to think about it yet! I should do something like what you and Sean did, it's a great idea :)

Di said...

i really liked the pics...especially the ones of the house and the last one. :)
btw do u know ur blogspot page takes a little too much time to load!:O

Movie Mazaa said...

Thx so much for the pics, Sheetal!! :) And I love tht News headlines thingy on ur blog.. :)

Sheetal said...

Namaste! Thank you for visiting again! I am still meant to email you... and will do so soon! Take care, Jhaji ;>

Hi! How are you doing? My studies have come to an end...I left campus yesterday, and today I feel as though I'm moving into the house for the first time. I have sooo many things, it's unreal! You should take a litte tour of where you are before you leave, and don't forget to send me pics when you do :>

Hello! Thank you for stopping, I didn't know that my page takes long to load :/

Hi! Thanks for stopping by, and I'm glad you like the pics & my headlines :>

BionicBuddha said...

What a great blogsite...good luck at university! I'm sure you will do wonderful.

Sheetal said...

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words..


Carlz said...

what a great idea! I have been gone 2 weeks already - wow!!! its getting a little easier but i miss everyone so much! good luck!

Krithika said...

completing graduation? if so congrats..touching moment indeed..nice pics too :)

Sheetal said...

I thought you were still in Ght?! Hope Jhb is treating you well :)

Thank you so much for stopping by and for the lovely comment


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Sheetal said...

thanks for the msg... got your email and will reply to you very soon!