Monday, November 29, 2021

Happy 40th Anniversary to our parents!

40 years ago on this day, our parents tied the knot. ❤️

It’s a family joke that they have two anniversaries - which isn’t entirely untrue. 

While their civil ceremony was in June, the traditional & religious ceremony took place in November - which I’m sure was so special. 🥰

I just love this photo of my parents, both looking good and healthy. 🤗 I always told my Mum that if I could be half the wife she was, I’d consider myself pretty awesome. 😉

Not a year went by that Dad didn’t gift Mum with flowers. Although it’s not the same, my brother and I - despite our geographical distance - tried to make Mum feel as special as she is. She deserves it! 

Life without our Dad is just different. For me, especially - it still feels unreal. It’s going on two years that I haven’t been with my family. We’ve come to peace with it, but there are moments when all I just need is a tight hug…the kind that can only be received from a mother.

Happy 40th anniversary, Mummy & Daddy…in heaven.  🕉🙏🏼🪔❤️

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