Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Riches Within (Demartini) Chapter 1: Genius - Your Mental Treasures

  • What is your destiny?
  • I am a genius, and I apply my wisdom.
  • If you can conceive of a question, you can create an answer.
  • Look for those things with genius in them if you'd love to inspire the genius in you.
  • Don't read good books. Read the great ones:
    Realize that inspiration breeds creativity and awakens genius.
  • Stare into space:
    To gaze out at the far reaches of the cosmos gives you a sense of limitlessness and provides you with the open dimensions of space and time to contemplate unbounded planes of thought.
  • Take a walk in the park, field or forest:
    Stop and listen whatever the whispering wind guides you to stand. Ask for natures message in the moment, and listen with your heart.
  • If you can spot it, you've got it!
  • Sometimes we think that other people have a better deal than us, but the reality is that we have the potential for just as great a deal as anyone else! Discover what mental power is inside of you!
  • Anytime I run across people I think possess great minds, I read their biographies and identify where we're similar
  • You know, the world treats you the way you treat yourself. If you value yourself, the world values you. Until you value yourself, no one else will. Likewise, if you don't give yourself permission to do something great, why would the world assist you? You must allow yourself to be great and do something extraordinary.
  • Aligning your intention with ACTION: Using the power of your mind to shape and consciously create your reality. 

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