Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Late for class...again!

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A few students - especially in my morning Intermediate class - have been arriving late. Class is meant to start at 09:00 sharp, but I have been lenient with students arriving as late as 09:15.  

It goes without saying that students who walk into a classroom after the lesson has commenced is a disruption - not only to the teacher who has to pause the lesson until the late student has settled, but also to the other students, who made the effort to be on time.

My Int class has predominately male students and two female students. Both females have expressed their annoyance regarding latecomers - which is beginning to get out of hand.

I have discussed this with some of my colleagues, who have suggested that I put a sign on the door saying that late students should go home. The exception is, of course, if they have a note permitting them to be late (or absent).

I'm not sure if I'm very happy to send late students back home and have been wondering what alternative I can use - perhaps something like a writing exercise to do as homework (as a form of punishment?)

However, with all due respect, these are adults we are talking about and if they don't take responsibility for themselves, then who will?

I'm interested to hear from other teachers: How do you deal with latecomers to class?


Anonymous said...

Well, I get them to invent an amazing excuse and then get questioned by the others. In lectures I used to prime the audience to shout "you're late" all together at my command.After 2 lectures nobody was late again.


Sheetal said...

Hi Phil,
Thanks for your comment! I really like that one. It puts them in the spotlight and they have to think on their feet.

I'll test it out tomorrow :)